The purpose of our company is to offer a wide range of products at a constantly high quality of service.

Product Certificates

We try to really match our corporate slogan "A trustworthy partner in an important business". The result of our actions resulted in the certification of products and the introduction of a quality control system.

We want to increase the confidence of our customers in the reliability of our partnership, so we received industry-recognized certificates. This improvement in technical and professional skills and knowledge gives us the opportunity to differ significantly from the competitors.

It's no secret that the lack of a unified standard gives rise to unfair competition, and therefore at our enterprise we have implemented the quality management system ISO 9001-2008.

Also, there are certificates of conformity for road barriers, hot-dip galvanizing, fasteners, CT-KZ certificate of origin form and test protocols for determining the retaining capacity of road barriers at SSC RF FGUP "NAMI" (Moscow region, Dmitrovsky area, 2009).

ISO Certificate

Certificate of conformity is a document confirming the conformity of products to the quality and safety requirements established for it by the acting standards and rules.

CT-KZ Certificate of origin
EAC Certificate of conformity
EAC Certificate of conformity
Certificate of conformity of the Customs Union. Full version of the certificate.