The purpose of our company is to offer a wide range of products at a constantly high quality of service.

Company requisites

Below are the requisites of the company, would you need additional documents: a certificate of state registration, taxpayer identification number, you can contact the enterprise's accounting department.

Full name: «Stalzink» limited liability partnership
Short name: «Stalzink» LLP
BIN: 070740003913
TRN: 620300296910
Judicial address: Astana, 9 Aksay str.
Actual address: Astana, 9 Aksay str.
Telephone, fax: +7 (771) 888-02-02
Bank details: BIK KZKOKZKX
IIC KZ549261501149742000 «Kazkommertsbank» JSC Astana,
OKPO code 41134385 dd 01.08.2007
VAT certificate series 62001 No. 0018404 dd 18.01.2013

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