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Since 2011, the company has launched a production of fastening products. Equipment used in this production is high-tech and high-performance. The annual capacity of this production is about 5 thousand tons of products per year. At present, it is possible to produce bolts and nuts from M5 to M22 in diameter, with a strength class of 4.8 to 8.8. The maximum length of the produced bolt is up to 200 mm.

All fasteners are galvanized on automated drum equipment. The galvanizing process means loading of the fastening products into the polypropylene drums that are part the equipment. Then the products in the drum are moved in a certain sequence from one bath to another according to the technological process. The total number of baths is 27. These baths contain solutions necessary for degreasing, etching and galvanizing products. After drum with the products passes al the process by dipping through these baths, the drum is unloaded in the unloading zone. Further, the products are placed in a metal cylindrical basket and dried in a centrifuge with hot blasting. At the request of the customer, it is possible to apply a zinc coating with a blue and golden tint.


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